It’s the Christian Way

In the practice of full disclosure, I am Buddhist.  I was raised a Baptist but found Christianity not my path in life.  So while this blog goes against my Buddhist beliefs(meaning as a Buddhist I should be judgmental), I really just am curious about a few things.  Please forgive me if this offends.  Religion is a deep emotional area for those who devote themselves to it.  Even the most casual practitioner can have a visceral reaction when they feel their beliefs are being attacked.

From my understanding, the Christian way and the Buddhist way are very similar.  The foundation of both are not to harm others, live your life in love and for the benefit of others, do not judge, not to be disruptive, and basically be a positive force in the world.  So why is it Christians have a problem holding to those basic values?

This is not a condemnation of Christianity because I know many many devout Christians who do nothing but follow the way.  But for every one of them, there seems to be ten more(and this is my perception) that have a distorted view on what the Christian way really represents.  So here are the areas I see most from those that declare themselves to be Christian:

  • Judging without knowing( Judge not lest…)
  • Murder(in the name of the almighty)
  • Hatred of differences
  • Regular sin(put you can pray for forgiveness afterwards)
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Cheating

There of course is a longer list but those came to mind first.  I remember something about, ‘love the sinner not the sin,’ but with the protest of military soldiers killed in the defense of our freedoms(blog about war coming), gay marriage, etc, its hard to see where the love lies.  And most of these protesters are church organizations.  Where is the joy?  Where is the compassion that I remember is a stable in the Christian faith?  Why is it that true Christians aren’t fighting harder to spread the correct message of Christ?

I will repeat, I am a Buddhist.  I’m not even a good Buddhist but I get better each day because of the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Paths( Google them and you will know the basis of the Buddhist path). But I recognize the work that is before me.  I’m not sure that the Christian followers I have described do, and that is a shame.  While I may have realized being a Baptist was not for me, I see my mother and the rest of my family(who naturally stumble as to be expected), follow a very Christian life.  I see my friends uphold the wonderful standards of Christianity, so I know it to be valuable.  Someone explain to me how the message is getting distorted.

Namaste- I bow to your form.

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  1. I think this internet site has some rattling great information for everyone. “Philosophy triumphs easily over past evils and future evils but present evils triumph over it.” by La Rochefoucauld.


  2. The trouble with religions is that they are addictive.

    They are the addictions that you couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t give up.

    As the athiest, I don’t believe in an after life, That frees me up to focus on the here and now. Here and Now is all I can work on. I don’t count on Imaginary Heavenly friends saving me.


  3. I’m sorry to see this blog has taken on a “religious” tenor. Buddhism, Christianity, Buddhism vs. Christianity; rightness, “moralness”…..rules, categories. It started with a very straightforward confession of love that was accepted and then spurned. I thought this was going to be a quest for love…maybe even transcendental love. All this religious stuff is just fear…fear of Love


    1. This blog is about my journey and part of my journey is about my spirituality. There are post about food, movies and just spiritual matters. Love is also a big part of this blog. Soon I will be talking about my new novel. Take from the blog what you prefer. And in no way is it Buddhism vs Christianity. If I’ve given that perception that is not my intent. I love Christianity as well as Buddhism. Hopefully you will continue to follow.


  4. OK here is my stand of this. We as humans have a WILL to make our own decisions. And the people who are so-called christians are only saying they are because they are trying go to heaven. They are thinking that the coming of Christ is going to happen within their lifetime. And its not. We have a WILL to make out own decisions meaning when we make a wrong/bad decision we have a split second though about it and then decide if we are going to do it or not. Now, I personally am a Christian. I don’t protest. I don’t discriminate. I just don’t hate. At least I don’t try to hate. And sometimes I have to catch myself because I myself make my own decisions. As for gay marriage….we should be able to marry, but we have to change the minds of the people whose minds need to be changed. ie congress. etc. I think people need to love more and should mind their own business and stop worrying what people think or other people and let people do what they want.



  5. Above all things Christians are people. Parents are people. Buddhists are people. Before we lock them into these exalted perceptions we have of their titles we must accept that they are human. They are fallable, WE ALL FALL SHORT. Remember that the same patience, tolerance, forgiveness, understanding and kindness that you seek from the universe you must extend out into the universe as well


    1. There is falling short and not trying to even come close. Being a human is a cop out. They have a mind and decide everyday. When you fall a lot of times you are deciding to fall and just plan to ask for forgiveness later. Everything in life is a series of decisions. And some decisions are in complete odds with a Christian way of life as outlined in the good book. When you decide that the Lord is your Savior, you decide also on a set of principles. When your actively go against those, you shouldn’t use being human as an excuse.


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