I love you. I lust him, and him, and Them!!!

I've had my share of open relationships. Some where with my knowledge, an arrangement we made together, while other's I found out after the fact.  I wouldn't call the latter cheating, due to the fact there was no formal discussion as to if the relationship was exclusive or not.  While there are those that consider... Continue Reading →


Double Negative-Colored boy in the gay community.

I read a wonderful article on the gay communities treatment of interracial couples. The focus was on black and white couples as most other interracial couples don't seem to have the same stigma as black and white couples do.  As someone who dates all races, I can say I myself was most uncomfortable in my... Continue Reading →

I kissed a boy and I slapped him.

Kissing, so wonderful and intimate.  There is nothing like the heat and passion that comes from a eyeball rolling kiss. While some people feel that penetration or oral pleasure are the highest of the highs, I've always been more impressed with an amazing kiss, caress and embrace. So when it's bad, I can't help but... Continue Reading →

Opinions, Opinions

There are several principles in Buddhism. I began losing sleep over concepts and opinions. We are brought into the world only with bare perceptions of things:  visual consciousness simply aware of some raw sensory data. But, soon after, the conceptualizing part of your mind dresses up the bare perception in a huge assortment of notions,... Continue Reading →

My Great Holiday Wishes

I am Buddhist and as a Buddhist I respect all people and all faiths.  For me it is the meaning of the holidays(peace on here, joy to the world, giving, family, joy) that really warms my heart and that spirit doesn't belong to any one faith or person.  This is the reason for my season,... Continue Reading →

Walked away with my stuff.

I was watching  "For Colored Girls" and the poem Loretta Devine performed got me thinking. To be in love, you have to give yourself completely to the other person.  It is one of the reasons love is so intense.  You cant give 30, 50 or even 80 percent if you want to get everything love... Continue Reading →

My parent’s love

Long ago I saw myself as being alone.  I wished I was adopted and that my real parents would save me from this life of misery. I carried that feeling with me up until a few weeks ago.  My reason I could say was my general depression.  I felt like not only were my parents... Continue Reading →

Movie Review-Sherlock Holmes

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! If you enjoyed the first Sherlock Holmes, there is no doubt you will love the sequel.  Game of Shadows retains most of the best qualities of the first film: Downey’s charm; the witty banter and strong chemistry between Holmes and Watson; the slow-motion sequences that illustrate Holmes’ analytical powers at work; action sequences shot in... Continue Reading →

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